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God, Consciousness & Mathematics

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29 May 2020: About an article about a new mathematical theory in the magazine New Scientist and its similarities with the Hindu ideas of Brahman (universal consciousness) and God ... Read More »»

A Creativity Megahub

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24 May 2020: About a centre in Schio (Italy) where you can learn about innovative technologies and where budding entrepreneurs can find support ... Read More »»

A Liberian Story of Dung Beetles

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14 April 2020: About Daniel J. Meier's book "The Dung Beetles of Liberia" - to learn about the Liberia of 1960s... Read More »»

Surgery in Ancient India & Ganesha

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28 March 2020: Ancient India was known for its surgical skills, which were described in books like Sushruta Samhita. A speculative post about the origins of Ganesha myth linked with those surgical skills ... Read More »»

Our Black Gods

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22 March 2020: Hinduism has many deities who are described as dark-skinned. How does this idea of dark-skinned Gods fit in with other discourses about ancient Indians? Read More »»

Ancient Indians, Neanderthals & Denisovans

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15 March 2020: India has been primarily an oral culture conserving its ancient memories in its mythology. Are there stories of relationships between different human species in ancient Indian books? Read More »»

Influence of Parasites on Behaviour

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20 February 2020: About Kathleen McAuliff's book "This is your brain on Parasites - How tiny creatures manipulate our behaviour and shape society" Read More »»

The City of 47 Ronin

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14 February 2020: A visit to Ako on the south-western coast of Japan, the town associated with the legend of 47 Ronin. Read More »»

Memories of 2019 Journeys

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01 January 2020: A photo-essay about the most significant moments from my travels to different countries during 2019. Read More »»

Legends & Tales of Orchha

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29 December 2019: Some legends and tales from beautiful Orchha with its amazing architecture in the Bundelkhand region of central India. Read More »»

Yoga Sculptures

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24 November 2019: Sculptures from different parts of the world representing the meditation and the yogasana (Yoga exercises) aspects of Yoga. Read More »»

Fighting Superbugs

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17 November 2019: Review of the book "Superbugs: A race to stop an epidemic" about drug resistant infections, written by Dr Matt McCarthy Read More »»

Baby in the Womb - Amazing Anatomy Models

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9 November 2019: About an exhibition of 18th century human anatomy models showing babies growing in their mothers' wombs from Poggi Science Museum in Bologna, Italy. Read More »»

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