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The Metaphorical Ganesh

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18 September 2019: About Nani Power's Book Ginger & Ganesh and some personal reflections about metaphorical meanings of the Hindu deity Ganesh. Read the full article »»

From Niemeyer to Weiwei - Brazil Diary

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07 September 2019: About my recent visit to Campo Grande, Nietroi and Rio de Janeiro where I could visit the works of Oscar Niemeyer and Ai Weiwei Read the full article »»

Lessons of Life

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13 August 2019: About the Russ Roberts' book - How Adam Smith can change your life - An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness. Read the full article »»

From Disability Action Plan to Rehab 2030

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11 August 2019: About the new programme of the World Health Organisation (WHO) on rehabilitation services and its implications. Read the full article »»

An Accessible Children's Park in Schio

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21 July 2019: An Accessible Children's Park in Schio: About the importance of having parks and playgrounds which are accessible to children and adults with disabilities and the visit to an accessible children's park in our city, Schio, in north Italy. Read the full article »»

Celebrating Dalit Struggles & Pride

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08 July 2019: A Delhi Metro visit to Dalit Prerna Sthal (Dalit Pride Park) in NOIDA and reflections on caste-based discriminations in India Read the full article »»

The Camels of Genghis Khan

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27 June 2019: A city walk in Ulaanbataar, capital of Mongolia, searching for a sculpture of a camel caravan Read the full article »»

Theyyam: When Gods Descend on Earth

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21 June 2019: Theyyam, a colourful religious tradition from Kannur in north Kerala (India), when Gods descend and manifest in human forms Read the full article »»

Disturbances of Brain & Mind: The Psychiatry Story

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17 June 2019: An overview of history of mental illness and the development of psychiatry, a branch of medicine, which treats them. Review of a book by Jeffrey A. Lieberman. Read the full article »»

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