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Celebrating Dalit Struggles & Pride

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08 July 2019: A Delhi Metro visit to Dalit Prerna Sthal (Dalit Pride Park) in NOIDA and reflections on caste-based discriminations in India Read the full article »»

The Camels of Genghis Khan

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27 June 2019: A city walk in Ulaanbataar, capital of Mongolia, searching for a sculpture of a camel caravan Read the full article »»

Theyyam: When Gods Descend on Earth

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21 June 2019: Theyyam, a colourful religious tradition from Kannur in north Kerala (India), when Gods descend and manifest in human forms Read the full article »»

Disturbances of Brain & Mind: The Psychiatry Story

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17 June 2019: An overview of history of mental illness and the development of psychiatry, a branch of medicine, which treats them. Review of a book by Jeffrey A. Lieberman. Read the full article »»

Challenges Facing Ayurveda

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17 May 2019: The domination of Western medicine, the pressure on Ayurveda and the need for safeguarding the ancient knowledge systems. Read the full article »»

India: from Obedience to Individual Responsibility

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27 April 2019: The colonial crimes by the Indians against other Indians, the feudal mindset and the premium on obedience in a deeply hierarchical society. Read the full article »»

Challenges of Emancipatory Research

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18 April 2019: Based on my experiences of conducting Emancipatory Research in developing countries, a reflection on the challenges of this research approach. Read the full article »»

Secularism & Inter-Religious Harmony

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01 April 2019: A reflection about experiences of inter-religious harmony in India and the ideas of secularism which developed in the west - how do the two link together? Read the full article »»

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