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Yoga Sculptures

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24 November 2019: Sculptures from different parts of the world representing the meditation and the yogasana (Yoga exercises) aspects of Yoga. Read More »»

Fighting Superbugs

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17 November 2019: Review of the book "Superbugs: A race to stop an epidemic" about drug resistant infections, written by Dr Matt McCarthy Read More »»

Baby in the Womb - Amazing Anatomy Models

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9 November 2019: About an exhibition of 18th century human anatomy models showing babies growing in their mothers' wombs from Poggi Science Museum in Bologna, Italy. Read More »»

The Dissident Art of Ai Wei Wei (Part 1) - Part 2

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3 November 2019: About an art exhibition of the famoous Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei held in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) Read Part 1 »» - Read Part 2 »»

Reforming Hindu Traditions

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28 October 2019: Debates about Diwali related pollution in big Indian metros, brought back the memories of a discussion I had with a Swami ji last year in Rishikesh regarding reforming of Hinduism Read the full article »»

Allah Loves Equality

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22 October 2019: About the new documentary by Wajahat Abbas Kazmi regarding the lives of persons with alternate sexualities in contemporary Pakistan Read the full article »»

Unforgettable Beautiful Evenings

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18 October 2019: Wondering what makes some memories special to us and sharing 5 memories of unforgettable evenings from my travels Read the full article »»

Slim, Long-Necked Women in Art & Sculpture

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13 October 2019: Sculptures of the Schio artist Antonio Capovilla reminded of works by B. Prabha and Amedeo Modgliani and took me back on a nostalgia trip Read the full article »»

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