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Challenges of Emancipatory Research

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18 April 2019: Based on my experiences of conducting Emancipatory Research in developing countries, a reflection of challenges of this research approach. Read the full article »»

Secularism & Inter-Religious Harmony

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01 April 2019: A reflection about experiences of inter-religious harmony in India and the ideas of secularism which developed in the west. Read the full article »»

Cities of Colours & Art

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29 March 2019: A post about some cities from across the world where the use of colours and art has added an extra dimension to the city life. Read the full article »»

Thought Is Also Matter

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26 March 2019: Talking to Raju Sutar, an artist from Pune, who had curated an exhibition "Thought is also matter" at the Kochi Biennale 2018-19. Read the full article »»

When One Religion is Not Enough

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21 March 2019: About Duane R. Bidwell's new book on spiritual fluidity and multiple religious identities has a special significance for today's world of international travel and mixing up of persons of different faiths. Read the full article »»

Sabarimala & Religious Reforms

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6 January 2019: The Sabarimala decision of Indian Supreme Court and why it is similar to the Hindu fundamentalist discourse which favours a narrow understanding of Hinduism. It also touches on the difficulties of promoting religious reforms in Hinduism and among religious minorities, not just in India but across different countries. Read the full article »»

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