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When One Religion is Not Enough

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21 March 2019: About Duane R. Bidwell's new book about spiritual fluidity and multiple religious identities has a special significance for today's world of international travel and mixing up of persons of different faiths. Read the full article »»

Sabarimala & Religious Reforms

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6 January 2019: The Sabarimala decision of Indian Supreme Court and why it is similar to the Hindu fundamentalist discourse which favours a narrow understanding of Hinduism. It also touches on the difficulties of promoting religious reforms in Hinduism and among religious minorities, not just in India but across different countries. Read the full article »»

Country Report: Disability in Liberia

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24 December 2018: Earlier in 2018 I was involved in the preparation of a report on disability and rehabilitation in Liberia. This post reflects on the challenges of documenting histories and stories in a post-conflict situation aggravated by a health crisis. You can also download the full report. Read the full article »»

Is there still leprosy in India?

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6 December 2018: Recently in a Twitter debate a message said that leprosy was eliminated in India in 2005. Then another person asked, “So it means we have no leprosy in India?” The answer was that it is below the WHO cut-off level, implying that it was no longer an important issue. Actually every year, India has about 130,000 new cases of leprosy. So how can a disease which still causes so many new cases can be declared eliminated? Read the full article »»

Basvanna to Sankardev: Poet Saints of India

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2 December 2018: Starting from 6th century CE for more than a thousand years, India saw a number of social and religious reformers, who often wore the saffron cloth of the renunciation, and wandered around composing and singing songs of divine love, spreading messages of human dignity and equality. These are often called the Poet-Saints of India and their movement is known as Bhakti-movement. Read the full article »»

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