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Influence of Parasites on Behaviour

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20 February 2020: About Kathleen McAuliff's book "This is your brain on Parasites - How tiny creatures manipulate our behaviour and shape society" Read More »»

The City of 47 Ronin

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14 February 2020: A visit to Ako in south-western coast of Japan, the town associated with the legend of 47 Ronin. Read More »»

Papermade 2019-20: Paper Art

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05 January 2020: Presenting 15 of my favourite art works from the 4th edition of the biannual Papermade exhibition in Schio, Italy. Read More »»

Memories of 2019 Journeys

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01 January 2020: A photo-essay about the most significant moments from my travels to different countries during 2019. Read More »»

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