About Dr. Sunil Deepak

I am Sunil Deepak, a doctor from India, based in Schio (VI), in the north-east of Italy. After about 3 decades of working at international level, for a couple of years I lived in the north-east of India. Now, as a grandfather I try to spend more time in Italy though I continue to travel occasionally for my volunteer work with humanitarian organisations. Every year, I also spend some time in India.

My professional interests are in the areas of disability, community health, leprosy, training and research. If you are interested in my professional work, you can download some of my research papers and publications.

I am also passionate about reading, writing, nature, archaeology, history, museums, art, culture, dance, music, bicycle ... and very especially, photography.

For all my working life, I was careful to separate my professional life from my hobbies. However, now even my professional work is part of my passions, in the sense that I do things which interest me and not because I have to. This blog combines my professional and personal interests.

This blog does not have any space for comments. It has no publicity, no cookies, no email-lists. Thus, if you want to contact me, you can write to me through Facebook or Twitter or by email. You will find the links and information in the sidebar on the right.

My Passion For Photography

I discovered my passion for photography around 2004 when I had bought my first digital camera. Many of my pictures have been used for magazines, websites, calendars and posters. Usually, I am happy to share my pictures free of cost. If you want to use my pictures for commercial purposes, I may ask you to donate something to some humanitarian organisation.

Please feel free to download and use any images you see on this blog. If you will acknowledge me and give credit to me for my images, I will appreciate it. If you need some images in higher resolution, write to me at: sunil.deepak(at)gmail.com (substitute (at) with @ in the email)

My Old Blogs and Website

Before starting this blog, for around 15 years, I had many other blogs in English, Hindi and Italian on the Blogger platform. I am no longer updating them. However, if you wish to use any materials from those blogs, please go ahead. I will appreciate if you will give credit to me for using my writings and images.

I also have an old website - Kalpana.it, which was started as Srijan.it around 2001-02. You can check this website, though it is no longer updated.




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Dr Sunil Deepak
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