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Meet the Artist: Eva Trentin

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23 April 2022: Presenting the artist Eva Trentin from Marano Vicentino and her artistic journey with organic materials like leaves, flowers and tree-barks for create fossil-like imprints ... Read More »»

The Kashmir Story

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31 March 2022: The success of the film The Kashmir Files has brought attention to the sufferings of Kashmiri Pandits. Reading about it brought back memories of this subject in director Onir's film 'I Am'(2010) ... Read More »»

The Angry Indians

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25 March 2022: Why are some Indians always angry? Some are fighting for Hinduism, others are fighting for India's plurality and diversity. The two are apparently antagonists, and yet share some common features and feed-off one another ... Read More »»

Favourite Artworks from PaperMade-5

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8 December 2021: Presenting 20 of my favourite art-works from the beautiful 5th PaperMade biennial Art Exhibition held in Palazzo Fogazzaro in Schio (Italy) ... Read More »»

Four for Love

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28 November 2021: A post about books, especially about 4 books, and why I liked reading them and which kind of books I want to read ... Read More »»

Journeys of Discovery

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17 October 2021: A journey of self-discovery through a water-colours workshop and a journey of discovering the surroundings through an emotional mapping walk ... Read More »»

Epochal Mutations Art Exhibition

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13 October 2021: My favourite art works from Epochal Mutations, an contemporary art exhibition of local artists held in Palazzo Fogazzaro of Schio (VI) in September 2021 ... Read More »»

Vedic People

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07 September 2021: Who were the ancient Indians who had written Veda and become known as the Vedic people? A post about the ideas of Prof. Rajesh Kochhar regarding the original homelands of Vedic people described in Rigveda in his book "The Vedic People"... Read More »»

Understanding Global Health Failures

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23 July 2021: In 2019, Madhukar Pai wrote about importance of analysing the failures of Global Health - A look at what he calls failure of leprosy elimination in India and some additional elements for reflection ... Read More »»

Liberal Dilemmas

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26 June 2021: Increasingly, the liberal values and struggles seem to be about competing rights of one group against another. Often, I am not sure about which side I am on ... Read More »»

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