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This website/blog was started in 2018. Till 2017, I had another blog on Blogger. The posts presented on this page are from my old blog - they have been updated and corrected.

The Wonderful World of Steam-Punk

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22 December 2017: Steam-punk is a literary and artistic current which mixes 18th century technology to 18th century costumes, resulting in great-looking quirky costumes. This post is about a group of steam-punk enthusiasts from north-east of Italy Read the full article »»

The Metal Sculptures of Mario Converio

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07 December 2017: Mario Converio is a well known artist and sculptor from Schio (VI) in the north- east of Italy, where I live. This post presents his works from the exhibition "Metal Fantasies" Read the full article »»

The Art of Corrado Meneguzzo

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22 November 2017: Corrado Meneguzzo is an artist and sculptor living at the top of a mountain in Priabona, a few kms from our home in Schio. Our local cultural group organised a visit to his home to talk to him and to see his art. Read the full article »»

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