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icon new article 29 December 2019, Legends & Tales of Orchha: Some legends and tales from beautiful Orchha with its amazing architecture in the Bundelkhand region of central India. - Read the full article >>>

icon new article 24 November 2019, Yoga Sculptures: Sculptures from different parts of the world representing the meditation and the yogasana (Yoga exercises) aspects of Yoga - Read the full article >>>

icon new article 17 November 2019, Fighting Superbugs: Review of the book "Superbugs: A race to stop an epidemic" about drug-resistant infections, written by Dr Matt McCarthy - Read the full article >>>

icon new article 9 November 2019, Baby in the Womb - Amazing Anatomy Models: About an exhibition of 18th century human anatomy models showing babies growing in their mothers' wombs from Poggi Science Museum in Bologna, Italy - Read the full article >>>

icon new article 3 November 2019, The Dissident Art of Ai Wei Wei (1): About an art exhibition of the famous Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei held in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) - Read Part 1 - Read Part 2

icon new article 28 October 2019, Reforming Hindu Traditions: Discussions about pollution created by Diwali, brought back memories of a discussion I had last year in Rishikesh regarding reforming of Hinduism Read more >>>

icon new article 22 October 2019, Allah Loves Equality: About the new documentary of Wajahat Abbas Kazmi about the persons with alternate sexualities in contemporary Pakistan Read more >>>

icon new article 18 October 2019, Unforgettable Beautiful Evenings: Wondering what makes some memories special to us and sharing 5 memories of unforgettable evenings from my travels Read more >>>

icon new article 13 October 2019, Slim Long-Necked Women in Art & Sculpture: Sculptures of the Schio artist Antonio Capovilla reminded of works by B. Prabha and Amedeo Modgliani and took me back on a nostalgia trip Read more >>>

icon new article 18 September 2019, The Metaphorical Ganesh: About Nani Power's Book Ginger & Ganesh and some personal reflections about metaphorical meanings of the Hindu deity Ganesh. Read more >>>

icon new article 07 September 2019, From Niemeyer to Weiwei - Brazil Diary: About my recent visit to Campo Grande, Nietroi and Rio de Janeiro where I could visit the works of Oscar Niemeyer and Ai Weiwei Read more >>>

icon new article 13 August 2019, Lessons of Life: About the Russ Roberts' book - How Adam Smith can change your life - An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness Read more >>>

icon new article 11 August 2019, From Disability Action Plan to Rehab 2030: About the new programme of the World Health Organisation (WHO) on rehabilitation services and its implications Read more >>>

icon new article 21 July 2019, An Accessible Children's Park in Schio: About the importance of having parks and playgrounds which are accessible to children and adults with disabilities and the visit to an accessible children's park in our city, Schio, in north Italy. Read more >>>

icon new article 08 July 2019, Celebrating Dalit Struggles & Pride: A Delhi Metro visit to Dalit Prerna Sthal (Dalit Pride Park) in NOIDA and reflections on caste-based discriminations in India Read more >>>

icon new article 27 June 2019, The Camels of Genghis Khan: A city walk in Ulaanbataar, capital of Mongolia, searching for a sculpture of a camel caravan Read more >>>

icon new article 21 June 2019, Theyyam: When Gods Descend on Earth: Theyyam, a colourful religious tradition from Kannur in north Kerala (India), when Gods descend and manifest in human forms Read more >>>

icon new article 17 June 2019, Disturbances of Brain & Mind: The Psychiatry Story: An overview of history of mental illness and the development of psychiatry, a branch of medicine, which treats them. Review of a book by Jeffrey A. Lieberman. Read more >>>

icon new article 17 May 2019, Challenges Facing Ayurveda: The domination of Western medicine, the pressure it puts on traditional medicine system such as Ayurveda and the need of safeguarding ancient knowledge systems Read more >>>

icon new article 27 April 2019, India: from Obedience to Individual Responsibility: The colonial crimes, the feudal mindset in India and the premium on obedience in the deeply hierarchical society. Read more >>>

icon new article 18 April 2019, Challenges of Emancipatory Research: About the Emancipatory Disability Research (EDR) methodology and its challenges in the developing countries. Read more >>>

icon new article 01 April 2019, Secularism & Inter-Religious Harmony: A reflection about experiences of inter-religious harmony in India and the way the ideas of secularism developed in the west. Read more >>>

icon new article 29 March 2019, Cities of Colours & Art: A post about some cities from across the world where the use of colours and art has given a special ambience to the city life. Read more >>>

icon new article 26 March 2019, Thought is also matter - Talking with Raju Sutar: A post about the exhibition "Thought is also matter" curated by Raju Sutar at the Kochi Biennale 2018-19 ... Read more >>>

icon new article 21 March 2019: When one religion is not enough: A post about Duane R. Bidwell's book about spiritual fluidity and multiple religious identities ... Read more >>>

icon new article 6 January 2019: Sabarimala and Religious Reforms in India: The challenges of promoting religious reforms and explaining why I feel that the Sabarimala verdict of the supreme court in India strengthens conservative fundamentalists view of Hinduism ... Read more >>>

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