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Favourite Artworks from PaperMade-5

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8 December 2021: Presenting 20 of my favourite art-works from the beautiful 5th PaperMade biennial Art Exhibition held in Palazzo Fogazzaro in Schio (Italy) ... Read More »»

Four for Love

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28 November 2021: A post about books, especially about 4 books, and why I liked reading them and which kind of books I want to read ... Read More »»

Journeys of Discovery

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17 October 2021: A journey of self-discovery through a water-colours workshop and a journey of discovering the surroundings through an emotional mapping walk ... Read More »»

Epochal Mutations Art Exhibition

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13 October 2021: My favourite art works from Epochal Mutations, an contemporary art exhibition of local artists held in Palazzo Fogazzaro of Schio (VI) in September 2021 ... Read More »»

Vedic People

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07 September 2021: Who were the ancient Indians who had written Veda and become known as the Vedic people? A post about the ideas of Prof. Rajesh Kochhar regarding the original homelands of Vedic people described in Rigveda ... Read More »»

Understanding Global Health Failures

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23 July 2021: In 2019, Madhukar Pai wrote about importance of analysing the failures of Global Health - A look at what he calls failure of leprosy elimination in India and some additional elements for reflection ... Read More »»

Liberal Dilemmas

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26 June 2021: Increasingly, the liberal values and struggles seem to be about competing rights of one group against another. Often, I am not sure about which side I am on ... Read More »»

Discovering Schio's Water-Canal

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18 May 2021: The history and development of the beautiful water-canal of Schio, which was built almost one thousand years ago and continues to play an important role in the city's life Read More »»

Venice, the City of Water

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25 March 2021: A post about a little poem by the Italian poet Chiara Carminati about Venice, which celebrates its 1600th anniversary of foundation this year. Read More »»

Importance of Alternative Medicine

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22 February 2021: Doctors often present alternative systems of medicines as charlatans trying to swindle unwary people, or as superstitions and hogwash. I feel that alternative medicine has a role in our well-being. Read More »»

River to River Festival 2020

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10 February 2021: River to River (RtoR) is festival of Indian films which is held in Florence in Italy. A post about the documentary and short films from the last RtoR festival held in December 2020 Read More »»

Making (Some) Sense of Concept Art

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01 February 2021: When I saw art works of Concept Art in some biennales I was confused. Will Gompertz's book on contemporary art helped me to make some sense of it though I am not sure why it is so popular with art biennales and art awards. Read More »»

A Role For Sanskrit

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17 January 2021: Reflecting on the barriers faced by millions of young Indians to access higher education and wondering if Sanskrit can play a role in making a more inclusive India. Read More »»

Divergenti - Trans Film Festival 2020

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5 January 2021:About some of my favourite films from the Divergenti Trans Film Festival held in November 2020, organised by Movement for Trans-sexual Identity (MIT) of Bologna, Italy Read More »»

Religions For the 21st Century

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2 January 2021:The history of religions parallels the human evolution. Dominant religions of today arrived around 1500-3000 years ago. With human progress, they are also changing. How different would be the new religions of the future? Read More »»


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