About Inditamon & Dr. Sunil Deepak

About Inditamon by Sunil

Inditamon is a trilingual personal blog mostly about India and Italy. Apart from this English section, it also has an Italian and a Hindi sections. The three sections are mostly independent.

For a long time, I was trying to decide a suitable name for this blog which could express its interests and its trilingual nature. I was undecided between Inditamon (a combination of first 3 letters from India, Italia and Mondo) and Bhaivi (a combination of letters from Bharat, Italy and Vishwa). In the end I have chosen Inditamon, because I feel that it sounds more melodic.

Inditamon was started in 2017, after a few years of feeling frustrated with Google. In the past, I had different blogs on the Google platform called Blogger. Those old blogs are still there but I do not update them anymore.

I had learned HTML coding skills in early 2000s and created a website called Srijan around 2001-02. Around 2004-05, I had learned CSS and made another hand-coded website called Kalpana, which is still there though not updated very frequently.

Inditamon has also been created with HTML and CSS and it does not use any commercial tools or SEOs. It does not track its visitors, it has no advertising and no cookies. To simplify its management, it does not allow any comments. Thus, if you wish to send any feedback or if you want updates about this blog, you can follow its Facebook page, or Twitter page or Instagram page.

About the Creator of Inditamon: Dr. Sunil Deepak

Sunil, a medical doctor from India, is based in Schio (VI), in the north-east of Italy. After about 3 decades of working at international level, for a couple of years he lived in the north-east of India. Now, as a grandfather he is back in Italy, though he continues to travel regularly for volunteer work with humanitarian organisations. Every year, he also tries to spend some months in India.

His professional interests are in the areas of disability, community health, leprosy, training and research, especially emancipatory research. If you are interested in his professional work, you can download some of his research papers and publications. In the recent period (2021-22), his work engagements included a consultancy for the Government of Mongolia regarding the national assistive technology services, preparation of a couple of chapters in the Handbook of Leprosy and Buruli Ulcer to be published by Springer in 2022, lessons on inclusive project planning for an online learning course for Federico II university of Naples, a one-day workshop on Community Emancipatory Research for Pax Christi Italia, and mentoring a couple of on-going emancipatory researches in Tunisia and Kenya. He is also working on a book on Community Emancipatory Research. You can also check his CV, contact him through Facebook and/or Linked-In.

He is also passionate about reading, writing, nature, archaeology, history, museums, art, culture, dance, music, bicycle, photography ... This blog includes articles about some of his work and passions.

He has a big archive of images from different countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and is happy to share them freely. You can check some of his picture archives on his other website (Kalpana Image Archives). If you want to use any of his pictures, send him an email: [email protected]






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