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Meet the Artist: Eva Trentin

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23 April 2022: Presenting the artist Eva Trentin from Marano Vicentino and her artistic journey with organic materials like leaves, flowers and tree-barks for create fossil-like imprints ... Read More »»

Favourite Artworks from PaperMade-5

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8 December 2021: Presenting 20 of my favourite art-works from the beautiful 5th PaperMade biennial Art Exhibition held in Palazzo Fogazzaro in Schio (Italy) ... Read More »»

Journeys of Discovery

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17 October 2021: A journey of self-discovery through a water-colours workshop and a journey of discovering the surroundings through an emotional mapping walk ... Read More »»

Epochal Mutations Art Exhibition

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13 October 2021: My favourite art works from Epochal Mutations, an contemporary art exhibition of local artists held in Palazzo Fogazzaro of Schio (VI) in September 2021 ... Read More »»

Making (Some) Sense of Concept Art

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01 February 2021: When I saw art works of Concept Art in some biennales I was confused. Will Gompertz's book on contemporary art helped me to make some sense of it though I am not sure why it is so popular with art biennales and art awards. Read More »»

Icon new post Papermade 2019-20: Paper Art, 05 January 2020: Presenting 15 of my favourite art works from the 4th edition of the biannual Papermade exhibition in Schio, Italy. Read More »»

Icon new post Memories of 2019 Journeys, 01 January 2020: A photo-essay about the most significant moments from my travels to different countries during 2019. Read More »»

Icon new post Yoga Sculptures, 24 November 2019: Sculptures from different parts of the world representing the meditation and the yogasana (Yoga exercises) aspects of Yoga. Read More »»

Icon new post The Dissident Art of Ai Wei Wei (1), 3 November 2019: About an art exhibition of the famous Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei held in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) Read Part 1 »» - Read Part 2 »»

Icon new post Slim, Long-Necked Women in Art & Sculpture, 13 October 2019: Sculptures of the Schio artist Antonio Capovilla reminded of works by B. Prabha and Amedeo Modgliani and took me back to a nostalgia trip Read the full article »»

Icon new post Cities of Colours & Art, 29 March 2019: A post about some cities from across the world where the use of colours and art have added an extra dimension to the city life. Read the full article »»

Icon new post Thought Is Also Matter, 26 March 2019: Talking to Raju Sutar, an artist from Pune, who had curated an exhibition "Thought is also matter" at the Kochi Biennale 2018-19. Read the full article »»

icon new articleSareo Street Art Festival 2018: My favourite ten art works from the open-air art exhibition held annually in the old city centre of Schio, in the north-east of Italy. Read more >>>

icon new articlePapermade - The Paperart exhibition Part 2: My favourite art exhibits from the Papermade exhibition held in Schio (VI, Italy) in December 2017. Read more >>>

icon new articlePapermade - The Paperart exhibition part 1: My favourite art exhibits from the first Papermade exhibition held in Schio (VI, Italy). Read more >>>

icon new articleThe Metal Sculptures of Mario Converio: Mario is an artist and sculptor from Schio (VI) in the north-east of Italy, where I live. This post is about his exhibition "Metal Fantasies" Read more >>>

icon new articleThe Art of Corrado Meneguzzo: Corrado Meneguzzo is an artist and sculptor living at the top of a mountain in Priabona, a few kms from our home in Schio. Our local cultural group organised a visit to his home to talk to him and to see his art. Read more >>>


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