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Four for Love

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28 November 2021: A post about books, especially about 4 books, and why I liked reading them and which kind of books I want to read ... Read More »»

Vedic People

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07 September 2021: Who were the ancient Indians who had written Veda and become known as the Vedic people? A post about the ideas of Prof. Rajesh Kochhar regarding the original homelands of Vedic people described in Rigveda in his book "The Vedic People"... Read More »»

Making (Some) Sense of Concept Art

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01 February 2021: When I saw art works of Concept Art in some biennales I was confused. Will Gompertz's book on contemporary art helped me to make some sense of it though I am not sure why it is so popular with art biennales and art awards. Read More »»

Women & Friends

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20 December 2020: In the book Miss Benson's Beetle, the British writer Rachel Joyce has two women embarking on a journey to the other end of the world and in the process discovering themselves and discovering friendship - Read More »»

The Angry Birds

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16 November 2020: Becoming a more aware reader - thoughts about Daphne du Maurier's story The Birds, and about the influence of being a member of a book-reading group - Read More »»

Snakes, Merchants, & Emigrants

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15 October 2020: Gun Island - the latest book by Amitabh Ghosh starts from a fable in the Sundarbans and goes on to explore the journeys of emigrants to Italy and Europe Read More »»

Cooking For The Dictators

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27 August 2020: About the Polish journalist Witold Szablowski's book How to Feed a Dictator which looks at some of more infamous dictators of 20th century through the eyes of their cooks ... Read More »»

Searching for the Dragon Bones

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16 July 2020: Tracy Chevalier's book "Strange Creatures", discovery of fossils and dinosaur bones in 19th century England and similar discoveries in medieval Bologna ... Read More »»

From Butchers to Surgeons

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07 July 2020: About Lindsey Fitzharris' book The Butchery Art and the use of antiseptics to prevent infections in surgery, and how similar ideas were already developed in ancient India by healers like Sushruta ... Read More »»

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A Liberian Story of Dung Beetles: About Daniel J. Meier's book "The Dung Beetles of Liberia" - to learn about the Liberia of 1960s ... (14 April 2020) Read More »»

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Influence of Parasites on Behaviour: About Kathleen McAuliff's book "This is your brain on Parasites - How tiny creatures manipulate our behaviour and shape society" (20 February 2020) Read the full article »»

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Fighting Superbugs: Review of the book "Superbugs: A race to stop an epidemic" about drug resistant infections, written by Dr Matt McCarthy (17 November 2019) Read the full article »»

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The Metaphorical Ganesh: About Nani Power's Book Ginger & Ganesh and some personal reflections about metaphorical meanings of the Hindu deity Ganesh. (18 September 2019) Read the full article »»

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Lessons of Life: About the Russ Roberts' book - How Adam Smith can change your life - An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness (13 August 2019) Read the full article »»

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Disturbances of Brain & Mind: The Psychiatry Story: An overview of history of mental illness and the development of psychiatry, a branch of medicine, which treats them. Review of a book by Jeffrey A. Lieberman. Read the full article »»

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When One Religion is Not Enough: About Duane R. Bidwell's new book about spiritual fluidity and multiple religious identities has a special significance for today's world of international travel and mixing up of persons of different faiths. Read the full article »»

icon new articleExiled in Spinalonga: A Greek family saga of love, betrayal and leprosy from the island of Spinalonga. Review of the book "The Island". Read more >>>


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