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Here is a list of all the articles on Disability issues, Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Emancipatory Disability Research (EDR) written by Dr. Sunil Deepak.

Poverty, Disease & Disability

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08 July 2020: A case study showing how Zika epidemic combined with contaminated water in drought-affected areas in north-east of Brazil to cause cognitive disabilities ... Read More »»

icon new articleFrom Disability Action Plan to Rehab 2030: About the new programme of the World Health Organisation (WHO) on rehabilitation services and its implications (11 August 2019) Read more >>>

icon new articleAn Accessible Children's Park in Schio: About the importance of having parks and playgrounds which are accessible to children and adults with disabilities and the visit to an accessible children's park in our city, Schio, in north Italy (21 July 2019) Read more >>>

icon new articleChallenges of Emancipatory Research: Based on personal experiences of conducting Emancipatory Research in developing countries, some reflections about the challenges of EDR (18 April 2019) Read more >>>

icon new articleCountry Report: Disability & Rehabilitation in Liberia: Presenting the country report on disability and rehabilitation in Liberia in West Africa from a diagnostic study carried out in 2018. (24 Dec. 2018) Read more >>>

icon new articleDisability and Sexuality: Examples of Emancipatory Research - a study on disability and sexuality from Italy (24 Nov. 2018) Read more ...

icon new articlePlanning Emancipatory Research: 5th post in the series about Emancipatory Research focusing on things to keep in mind when you are planning an ER (21 Sept. 2018). Read more ...

icon new articlePromoting Empowerment: 4th post in the series about Emancipatory Research focusing on what is empowerment and how it can be promoted (01 Sept. 2018). Read more ...

icon new articleUnderstanding marginalisation for emancipatory research: About the different viewpoints for understanding marginalisation (02 Aug. 2018). Read more ...

icon new articleDifferent Research Approaches: Introduction to scientific, participatory and emancipatory research approaches. (01 July 2018) Read more ...

icon new articleResearch for promoting empowerment: An introduction to emancipatory research (27 June 2018) Read more ...

icon new article A world made for diversity: Sharing my thoughts from a training course for students with disabilities held in Mongolia in May 2018 about an inclusive world. (31 May 2018) Read more >>>


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